Monday, June 1, 2009

Sketch a day in may 2009- Final!

Sketch 18 - creepy

Sketch 19 - also creepy but not as much

Sketch 20 - Karnov on the battlements

Sketch 21 - Karnov burns

Sketch 22 - the hanging church in Cairo, rough break down

Sketch 23 - work doodle sketch

Sketch 24 - The band! Yeah, not really a band. Just caricatures of people who don't exist

Sketch 25 - fatty midget with a broken sword in a speedo. What commercial was he from? I can't remember. It was a sneaker commercial and he danced to "The Bird is the Word"

Sketch 26 - Jen complained I sketch with too many lines, so I made this fellow.

Sketch 27 - Brad the freak head sketch. Not quite how he should look.

Sketch 28 - Cover idea sketch. Cover for what you ask? Ahahaha... ask me again in two years.

Sketch 29 - went from being a pretty chick to this after I gave her my nose by accident.

Sketch 30 - yet another reject

Sketch 31 - DONE! Another reject mouse sketch!

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