Thursday, October 15, 2009

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sketch a day in may 2009- Final!

Sketch 18 - creepy

Sketch 19 - also creepy but not as much

Sketch 20 - Karnov on the battlements

Sketch 21 - Karnov burns

Sketch 22 - the hanging church in Cairo, rough break down

Sketch 23 - work doodle sketch

Sketch 24 - The band! Yeah, not really a band. Just caricatures of people who don't exist

Sketch 25 - fatty midget with a broken sword in a speedo. What commercial was he from? I can't remember. It was a sneaker commercial and he danced to "The Bird is the Word"

Sketch 26 - Jen complained I sketch with too many lines, so I made this fellow.

Sketch 27 - Brad the freak head sketch. Not quite how he should look.

Sketch 28 - Cover idea sketch. Cover for what you ask? Ahahaha... ask me again in two years.

Sketch 29 - went from being a pretty chick to this after I gave her my nose by accident.

Sketch 30 - yet another reject

Sketch 31 - DONE! Another reject mouse sketch!

Sketch a day in May part 3

Sketch 15 - Tranny named Rhio I was talking to one night

Sketch 16 - Rhio with an RC glass bottle up her ass while jerking off

Sketch 17 - face sketches of Rhio

Sketch a day in may part 2

Sketch 8 - a reward for a student for getting over 100% on a test - she asked for poodles.

Sketch 9 - another reward for a student - she wanted kittens

Sketch 10 - last reward of the school year - he wanted a 10 year old Jesus


Sketch 12 - Karnov

Sketch 13 - Some creepy lady

Sketch 14 - Some lady dancin'

Sunday, May 10, 2009

oh crap! Sketch a day in May!

Shut up. It's May.
Find a way to sketch every day!
OR ELSE. So here's 7. I owe four more for this month as of this post.

and now one colorized (poorly)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

abandoned fun

Maybe one day I'll finish these

Wednesday, March 11, 2009